Welcome Back

As I look back, I realize it has been almost a year since I wrote in my Ponderings. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding, I thought that I had cancelled my WordPress account, but I realized today that I was wrong. My ponderings, through the years, have been a joy to write, and I very much missed being able to put my thoughts to paper.

My past year has been a difficult one, with many months of helping my husband through some serious health issues. He is still far from good health, but we are making the best of it. Between the remnants of Covid restrictions and my husband’s health needs, I have missed many of the activities that have brought me joy and contentment. Sometimes I feel as if life is passing me by in these “golden years” of mine.

Fortunately, I have good friends and relatives who help to keep me active — a trip to Cooperstown in autumn with two good friends, monthly brunches with a group of friends, special times with my children and their families, my cousins, and friends. In times like these, we must savor the small pleasures of life. Hopefully, as the pandemic seems to be waning a bit, my world will expand a bit more again.

There have been many sad moments in these months, also — the unexpected death of a young cousin, the death of a young veteran who I have loved deeply since he was a newborn, the deaths and serious illnesses of friends, the deaths of my two little dogs, one of them very sudden. Of course, we always suffer these losses, but in this past year, it seems my heart breaks even more easily.

Right now, my heart is aching for the people of Ukraine.

I am thankful tonight, though, that I am once again able to access my Ponderings account. I didn’t realize how much writing my blog about the everyday joys and sorrows of my life helped me to savor the good and survive the bad. Thank you to all of you who listen.