Family Comes First


I have been fortunate in this life that my children, grandchildren, and much extended family live nearby.  This is a blessing.  I have also been fortunate to have many interests and many passions in addition to my beloved family.  Most recently, as anyone who follows my blog knows, I have become seriously involved in efforts to save the history and character of my town.  Throughout the past two years, this has taken a great deal of my time and energy.

However, this past April, my daughter gave birth to premature twins — a boy and a girl — and life as I knew it has changed for awhile.  These precious babies were seven weeks early, so they not only spent time in the NICU, but also required special care when they came home — care that this grandma was only too willing to help with.  They are developing well now, and their mom has had to return to work, so, I share their daily care with their parents and other grandparents, much as I did with my older grandchildren.  I have found that caring for twins is much more difficult than I had expected, and all of us are tired much of the time, especially my daughter and son-in-law, who lovingly keep these little ones safe, well-fed, snuggled, and stocked with special formula, diapers, and all the necessities babies require.  As they gaze into their parents eyes and smile, my heart melts….they already know that they are loved beyond measure.

The end of the school year was filled with school plays, recitals, moving-up ceremonies, and the schedule was a bit crazy.  Then, my oldest granddaughter fell and broke her arm, which shattered her summer plans, so we are trying to keep her as busy as possible — by the time you are eleven years old, you need more stimulation than “hanging” out with grandma for the summer.  

We have also had other new babies in the family, and family celebrations to attend.  It has been a lively and busy summer so far.  Now, my husband has developed a serious bone infection, which has sidetracked him quite a bit, and given me one more consideration as I make my weekly plans.

Just a few short months ago, much of my time was devoted to my historic preservation group and our committee meetings for our upcoming 50th high school reunion in September.  Now, though, I realize how little time I have left each week to devote to these pursuits.  

I have always put my family first, and my own interests second.  Somehow, because of the importance of the preservation issues in our town RIGHT NOW, I have tried to maintain a bit of my responsibilities in this effort, but it is less than I would like.  

Somehow, though, I have always believed that family must come first.  We give birth to a child, and we are responsible for helping them to grow into the best person they can be, and when they are grown, continuing to always be there for support and encouragement as they need it.

And so, I continue on this summer — doing all that I can for my family, as well as staying somewhat involved in my personal passions and responsibilities — still fighting for my beloved community, still working to make this class reunion a special one for all who attend, and squeezing in time for peacefully feeding my birds, tending my haphazard garden, and maintaining the friendships I treasure so much.

Right now, I am immersed in bottles, diapers, singing to fussy babies, falling deeper and deeper in love with toothless grins, and realizing that time passes much too quickly, and it won’t be long before I will be watching their recitals, and their plays, and seeing them head off to Middle School, and realizing that they are no longer “little ones”.

I will forever be grateful that I have put my family first!!!